About the Author

Mark FItzpatrick is a Berklee School of Music graduate, musician, composer, arranger and engineer. He has accumulated over 300 album credits and written more than 100 songs and instrumentals. He has professionally taught guitar, bass, banjo, piano, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

Mark opened his first recording studio, Rainbow Sound, in Manomet, Massachusetts. He worked with Hugh Ferguson, of the David Crosby and Graham Nash Band, Mark Endresen, of the George Leh Band and David Birkin, from the Frank Zappa Band.  Mark then joined the Last Chance Band and while playing a gig with the band on Block Island, he met The Shananagans, a New England based Irish group. The Shananagans recorded an album at Rainbow Sound and a lasting friendship ensued. The friendship led to a partnership with Ed Dillon at Ark Albums Studio. It was here that Mark engineered a recording session with Ireland's famous folk singers, The Clancy Brothers whom Mark later toured with and played bass. Mark now lives in Southwest Florida, where he teaches guitar using his "Guitar For Two Hands" lesson book.

Mark's longtime dream is this book of theory, methodology, and technique for beginning to intermediate students. The contents are a combination of knowledge and experience. It is Mark's way of giving back a portion of what he has been given over the years. He wishes his students to become even more accomplished than the teacher.